Hi there, Mr. Bug here. I am more of a picture-taking kind of guy than a writer like Mrs. Bug, but I would like to share one of our awesome, super cheap, fun weekend activities with you. It’s one of our favorites and it’s… wait for it… hiking!

Fall is here. The leaves are turning and the weather is cooler; this is the perfect time to get out and enjoy some fun outdoor activities. May we suggest you go on a hike? Go grab your backpack, significant other, kids, friends, dogs, favorite snacks, etc. and hit the trail. It’s awesome and it doesn’t cost a thing! Enjoy some family bonding time, become one with nature, and decompress from that stressful work week. All this and more while getting a great workout in…and for free!

Now sit back after a fun-filled day and imagine all that money you saved while you had a great time and got some Vitamin D.  Think of all that saved money that can be used to pay off debt or even be invested to work harder for you and your future. Congratulations!

*The pictures in this post were taken at our favorite trail (East Palisades/Whitewater Creek) near the beautiful Chattahoochee River, just 10 minutes away from our home in Atlanta. You will be surprised what you will discover just outside your area. Get out there. Get some fresh air. And enjoy a fun, FREE activity.

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