Mr. Bug and I may not have kids but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the magic of Disney World! We are huge fans of Disney and have been a few times but love it so much we could easily go every year and not tire of it.

Recently I was talking to coworkers and the topic of vacations came up (as they often do). I mentioned that Mr. Bug wanted to go to Disney World for his birthday but that since we went last year, I couldn’t justify spending the money to go again this year. Well, luck would have it that my coworker’s son works for ESPN (owned by Disney) and had two 1-Day Park Hopper passes that were about to expire. She asked if I wanted them and my answer was a resounding YES!! Thank you awesome Coworker!

With our free 1-day Park Hopper passes secured, I set out on a mission to plan a cheap weekend trip to Disney. We had recently signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and were able to use the points (40,000 sign on points plus 10,000 from purchases) to book 2 roundtrip flights on Delta, and a 2 night stay at the Best Western Resort hotel. We chose this hotel because it is located in Downtown Disney and offers complimentary shuttles to and from all Disney parks.

Although the hotel offers shuttles to and from the hotel and Disney, it did not offer shuttles to and from the airport, so we had to book a rental car. We used a few remaining credit card points plus paid $24 to book the rental car for two days. I HATED to book a rental car, but after researching, it was the cheapest option. A way-one taxi ride from the hotel to the airport would be $50 plus tip. Ouch!

We now had the hotel, flight, rental car, and 1-day Disney passes paid for. Score! If we would have paid for the freebies out of pocket, it would have been over $1,000!

2 Disney 1-Day Park Hopper Pass $285.42
2 Roundtrip flights $500.00
2-day rental car $65.00
2-night stay
Best Western Disney Resort
Total $1,100.62

The remaining items left to pay for are two 1-day passes to Epcot (we are planning to visit Disney two days), airport parking, and food and drinks. We are going to test out Uber for our airport parking. They currently have a promotion that offers a free ride for new referred customers and once the new customer uses the service, the referral person also receives a free ride. The plan is for my free ride to pay transport to the airport and Mr. Bug’s referral free ride to pay for our return ride home from the airport. There is a $30 limit on the free ride so I think we will have to pay a small additional cost, but not sure exactly how much. We’ll let you know how this works out. Click here for a free ride with our Uber referral code!

We are going during Epcot Food and Wine Festival so I have a feeling we will spend more than usual eating and drinking our way around the world. I am budgeting $400 for the entire weekend but hoping to spend less. How much do you think we will spend?

Stay tuned for an update on our Disney adventure and our total costs for the weekend.

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